On behalf of the Association of Old Josephians in the United Kingdom, we would welcome you to join the Association and be involved in our social and sports activities. The Old Joes UK is one of the key participants in the major social and sports calendar within the Sri Lankan Community in the UK. This is truly a great opportunity to meet other Josephians & their families and of course be able to network with other schools and Colleges of Sri Lanka.


OUR VISION is that ‘WE GATHER PEACE & POWER’. Build up and maintain unity among all Josephians and others within the UK and Globally. Once a Josephian, no matter who we are, where we are and what we do, we are true Josephians – and Joes for Life.

OUR MISSION is to ‘Create links to communicate with Old Joes Associations around the world and lead from the front. We are keen to organise many activities and as you may appreciate, your support is valuable to us to make it a success. If you know any Josephians, young, old, middle aged, what really matters is Josephians who are ‘young at heart’, please inform them of the Association and encourage them to join.